Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions
Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions

Cooperative Research

DCAD has been concentrating on the cooperative research in the fields of circular economy, energy and environmental science and management, thereby promoting sustainable development. Scientist and researchers with diverse backgrounds are brought together by DCAD for extensive discussion and planning of common projects. 

List of Selected Publications

  • Guo, B., Geng, Y., Sterr, T., Zhu, Q., Liu, Y., 2017. Investigating public awareness on circular economy in western China: A case of Urumqi Midong. Journal of Cleaner Production 142, Part 4, 2177-2186.
  • Guo, B., Geng, Y., Sterr, T., Dong, L., Liu, Y., 2016. Evaluation of promoting industrial symbiosis in a chemical industrial park: A case of Midong. Journal of Cleaner Production 135, 995-1008.
  • Guo, B., Geng, Y., Dong, H., Liu, Y., 2016. Energy-related greenhouse gas emission features in China’s energy supply region: the case of Xinjiang. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 54, 15-24.
  • Hao, H., Geng, Y., Li, W., Guo, B., 2015. Energy consumption and GHG emissions from China's freight transport sector: Scenarios through 2050. Energy Policy 85, 94-101.
  • Guo, B., Liu, Y., 2014. Towards Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management: a Case of Urumqi, China, in: Jinhui, L., Hualong, H. (Eds.), The Eighth International Conference on Waste Management and Technology. Trans Tech Publications, Shanghai, pp. 3-14.
  • Guo, B., Geng, Y., Franke, B., Hao, H., Liu, Y., Chiu, A., 2014. Uncovering China’s transport CO2 emission patterns at the regional level. Energy Policy 74, 134-146.

List of Selected Projects

Members of DCAD have led or participated the following international cooperation research projects:
  • Research on Urban Form and Environmental Performance of City in Arid Region Based on Generalized Measure System - financed by NSFC;
  • Multi-scale Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Green Space in Arid Areas from the Perspective of Spatial Justice  - financed by NSFC;
  • Development and Application of FGD Gypsum Comprehensive Utilization Technology in Xinjiang – financed by Xinjiang China government;
  • Research on Coal Resource Usage and Waste Recycling of Xinjiang Thermoelectric Industry – financed by Xinjiang China government;
  • RECAST Urumqi: Meeting the Resource Efficiency Challenge in a Climate Sensitive Dryland Megacity Environment - financed by BMBF;
  • Circular Economy Plan of Wansheng Region, Chongqing - financed by GIZ;
  • Circular Economy plan of Baitao Chemical Industrial Park - financed by GIZ;
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