Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions
Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions

German-Chinese Academic Exchange Scholarship

For the purpose of promoting the academic exchange of college students between Germany and China, DCAD launches the "German-Chinese Academic Exchange Scholarship" program. In the initial phase, the program will mostly sponsor the Chinese excellent college students which participate at a short-term academic exchange program in Germany, it is especially dedicated to the students from partner universities of DCAD. Students from Dalian University of Technology could start to apply for such scholarship in 2019. In the next 5 years, DCAD will grant more and more scholarships to the excellent students from partner universities, promoting German-Chinese academic exchange. 

Dalian University of Technology "DCAD German-Chinese Academic Exchange Scholarship"

I had the great honored to receive a DCAD scholarship, which supporting me to pursue continuous working on arts. From my point, scholarships are not only a financial support, but also a kind of trust, encouragement and incentive. Thanks to the support of DCAD, I could work freely on my artistic creation.

Ms. Yingying LU, DCAD Scholarship holder

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