Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions
Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions


The German-Chinese Academic Center (DCAD) in Heidelberg in the midst of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region has been created on the basis and spirit of a long tradition of fruitful cooperation between research institutions at both ends of a modern silk road, connecting East and West and inspiring an ongoing exchange of ideas and technologies. The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region is a lively showcase of the masterpieces of German industry, like BASF in chemical products, SAP in IT or John Deere in agricultural machinery. Many global players of this region act as hidden champions.   
The leaders of DCAD, Dr. Thomas STERR and Bin GUO have been especially active in the field of industrial circular economy development. Their workshops and seminars of the last years have had great impact for the academic exchange in fields, which are of predominant importance for the sustainable development in East and West. They can be seen as truly devoted pilgrims back and forth on the modern silk road.
May this brave adventure flourish in the future for the sake of peaceful and fruitful international exchange!

Dr. Dietfried Günter Liesegang

Heidelberg University



China Partnership

Dr. Thomas STERR


Executive Board


In 2014, the Sino-German partnerships were upgraded to "Comprehensive Strategic Partnership". Since then, bilateral relations have been further strengthened. The breadth and depth of cooperation between the two countries have reached an unprecedented level, especially in scientific research, education, economy and culture.
As a German non-profit research institute and an academic service institution, DCAD will continuously stimulate and promote Sino-German exchange, in order to built and stabilize a fruitful soil for a growing diversity of valuable cooperation opportunities for universities, research institutes, enterprises and innovative service agencies, by promoting the formation and establishment of long-term-oriented dynamic cooperation networks and partnerships between the two countries.
There is an old Chinese saying: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”, which also used by the First Lady Mrs. Obama when she visited Beijing University in 2014. DCAD welcomes you to visit Germany, and to participate at its innovative academic activities.
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