Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions
Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions


DCAD (Deutsch-Chinesische Akademische Dienste in German language and German-Chinese Academic Center in English) is a German non-profit research institute and academic service institution (HRB 727643). It is located in Heidelberg Germany, which is one of the most renowned capital of science on the world scale situated in the heart of Europe.
DCAD is an innovative institution dedicated to both international cooperative scientific research as well as the establishment of an international academic exchange platform. 
The target of DCAD is to promote the cooperation and exchange between Germany and China in the fields of scientific research, academic activities, education and culture. 


  • To carry out scientific research in the fields of circular economy, as well as energy and environmental sciences and management, in order to promote sustainable development with worldwide effects;
  • To promote effective internationalization of German and Chinese universities in education and research;
  • To promote the establishment of partnerships between German and Chinese universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises;
  • To promote the cooperation, exchange and bilateral visits of scientists, teachers, scholars, officials and students, as well as industrial enterprises, between Germany and China; 
  • To organize training and academic exchange programs.
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