Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions
Competent Partner of German and Chinese Universities and Research Institutions

Job Fairs and Overseas Recruitment

Talents are of vital importance for future developments. This holds especially true for intelligence-intensive organizations, such as universities, research institutions, as well as technology enterprises. When looking for talents in German and Europe, DCAD is the right and competent partner. DCAD offers the following methods to Chinese partners:

  • Job fairs. DCAD’s partner institutions will be invited to participate at the DCAD annual job fair in Germany. Beside, DCAD could organize special job fair for partner institutions according to their specific requests. DCAD will also assist partner institutions, when participating at other job fairs in Germany. According to DCAD’s one-stop solution strategy, DCAD will take care of everything related to a job fair, for instance: venue, schedule, stand, transportation, accommodation, meals, materials (recruitment forms, stationery, tools, promotional materials and etc.).


  • Overseas recruitment office. Partner institutions could set up its German overseas recruitment office at DCAD and DCAD will provide all related facilities and services, such as furnished office rooms, worktables, chairs, telephone, internet, kitchenette, customer signage and postal service, as well as personnel. Such office will carry out overseas recruitment on a daily basis by preparing overseas recruitment materials, disseminating recruitment policies, providing on-site consultant service and etc., which significantly promotes overseas recruitment.


  • International conference. For talents on specific fields of interest, partner institutions will be invited to participate at respective international conferences hosted by DCAD or DCAD partners. DCAD will also provide its partners the one-stop service according to specific requests. 


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